VSAT Services
VSAT Services

The demand for versatile satellite solutions were evident, considering the country’s telecommunications infrastructure limitations and the remoteness of the cities and villages and, consequently, the high demand for reliable access to scattered locations throughout the country.  As a result, Pars Telecom was established to compliment the group’s existing terrestrial nationwide network.  Pars Telecoms’ various VSAT packages can be used as a standalone, or as a hybrid solutions using the groups other access technologies.

Pars Telecom, having obtained SAP (Satellite Access Provider license) from the Ministry of Telecommunications, inaugurated Iran’s first fully redundant DVB S2 – RCS platform in 2007. Pars Telecom selected ND Satcom as its partner to provide the technologies to provide state of the art versatile VSAT solutions to its customers. Our primary hub is fully redundant and can support up to 5,000 terminals.

For more information, please visit Pars Telecom’s web site at www.parstelecom.com