Hybrid Solution
Combined Communication Solutions (Hybrid Solution)
Enjoying a comprehensive set of licenses, such as the PAP, SAP, IDS, ISDP and VoIP as well as an appropriate investment in and importation of cutting-edge technologies into Iran, Pars Online Group is positioned itself to offering unique services to its clients. It has also established itself as an active and superior operator with the largest private nationwide network. That’s why most medium/large organizations and enterprises including administrative departments, banks and strategic industries, like the oil industry, are among the main users of the Group’s services.
Below, you will find a brief description of our unique services:
With a broad spectrum of operations across the country, if a organization decides to connect it’s different centers using some examples below:
1- Connecting it’s headquarter in Tehran 2- Connecting and operational workshop 3- Connecting a local branch in Isfahan 4- Connecting an operational workshop in Asaluyeh 5- Connecting an operational workshop in one of the oil platforms located in the Persian Gulf
By default, the applicant company has to make its connections via several different service providers and use Internet to virtually privatize its network. Therefore, the newly set up network won’t be homogenous and will have to be supported by several different connection providers. This means that the company’s customers would not receive a concentrated support and services with consistent quality. But by using Pars Online services, they will be able to connect all their points of interest using one network that is private, while enjoying the security of a private network and having the comfort of dealing with one company providing consistent quality and support to its customers.
Pars Online’s Solutions
First connection: Establishing a radio communication link with one of Pars Online’s points of presence
Second connection: Establishing Connection to Pars Online’s network via VSAT satellite communications
Third connection: Establishing a connection to Pars Online’s network via a dedicated ADSL VPN link
Fourth connection: Establishing communication with Pars Online’s network via radio link in southern and northern Pars oil fields.
Fifth connection: Making connection to network via Pars Online’s VSAT and satellite communications
Pars Online Total Solutions benefits include:
• Virtual Private Network data transfer (VPN), independent of the public Internet network
• Reliable quality of service with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
• Integrated reliable technical support
• Provide data center services in largest and best equipped Data Center in the country
For more information, please contact: 82208120