Data Center
Data Center

To round off the chain of services it provides for the customers, Pars Online Group has obtained the IDC license from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, establishing the first ever Internet Data Center in Iran.

As the first phase of the PNDC project, the data center was initially established at the Pars Online headquarters. With a very sizable investment in this field, Pars Online has started on the construction of a new Data Canter in the Pardis Technology Park. The setup will cover a 6.500 square meter area and offer cutting edge resources, equipment and technologies.

The new PNDC facility is expected to be opened in the near future. It will be one of the largest Data Centers in the Middle East, providing a host of different services to the clients. These services are now provided by the existing Data Center located at the Pars Online headquarters.

As the first IDC of the country’s private sector, PNDC is equipped with the most advanced facilities, in line with the latest world standards, so that it can live up to its reputation and provide customers with top of the market services.

These facilities can be a valuable support in presenting the Data Center’s services.