Another way to utilize Pars Online’s Broadband service is through a Wireless Connection, which can supply a much greater bandwidth than what can be achieved by using regular cables.
In this method, radio frequencies are utilized for transferring signals between two devices.
With this service, the cost of which depends on the volume of the dedicated bandwidth, the client organization can benefit from the advantages of a high speed, dedicated bandwidth which is adjustable to the organization’s needs. Unlike the case of leased lines, the telephone company will have no role in Pars Online’s wireless connection services. The only limitation involved here is the necessity to transfer the signals on the internationally authorized wireless frequencies. Wireless service providers all over the world are allowed to offer the wireless technology only on the 2.4, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands.


No frequency interference with other bases To utilize Pars Online Leased Lines, certain prerequisites should be available:

    ●    Direct line of sight between Pars Online’s and the client’s corporate base antenna
    ●    Hardware facilities
    ●    Security measures