Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL2+) is an easy and effective option that makes it possible for users to enjoy an always-on, remarkably fast internet connection over their existing telephone line without any disruptions to their normal telephone communications.

As the largest ISP in the Iran, Pars Online has the largest geographical coverage for ADSL2+ services all over the country, making ADSL2+ available to users in all major cities throughout Iran.  So, if you have offices scattered in or within various cities in Iran that you would like to connect to, then Pars Online can provide you with a secure, reliable and high speed connection via our ADSL Nationwide Data Network.

Today, tens of thousands of home users, organizations, and private/public enterprises use Pars Online’s ADSL2+ services to their utmost satisfaction. The top of the market quality, along with non-stop, efficient support services are the reasons behind the outstanding record of customer satisfaction ratings for Pars Online, which has lead to the daily expansion of the company’s clientele; making Pars Online the unrivaled leader of the market for ADSL2+ services.